Ranker Rundown: 'Stranger Things' Returns From A Long Slumber

Stranger Things became a global sensation when it debuted in 2016, and ever since, fans have been dying to know what will happen to El, Hopper, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and the Byers family. Due to COVID-19 delays, the wait for the show's fourth season has been a long and excruciating one - with fans left dangling on cliffhangers like Hopper's time in a Russian gulag - but the wait is now over. 

There has been plenty to recap and theorize over in the last few years - and even more time for one of Netflix's biggest shows to climb high on a number of Ranker's biggest votable lists. How will the show's massive fourth season - which signals the beginning of the end for the series - affect those rankings and theories come July?