18 Times People Quit A Job On The Spot For Valid Reasons

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Landing a job can be one of the longest and most difficult processes. And oftentimes, the search is so worth it for a job that someone loves. But, for the not-so-great jobs, sometimes, something can happen that's the final straw. Redditor u/Sketch99 asked: "What made you quit a job on the spot?" and the responses led Ranker fans to share their own stories.

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    Being Told Their Job Was More Important That Their Kids

    From a Facebook user:

    I worked as a hostess at a restaurant whose motto was, “when you're here, you're family." Near the end of my 6th month of pregnancy, I woke one morning to my muscles and joints on one arm hurting with every move. I called in and said I was not coming in, and headed to the doctor, I would drop my doctor note off on way home. I also was struggling with no sitter due to scheduling conflicts with my husband.

    No one relayed this to my manager, and no one gave her my note. Two days later, I was sat down, & the basic issue was I need to be available when work calls, and who cares about the agreement of my set schedule. I needed to understand that my job was more important than my kids, my husband, and my marriage. Either be written up & stay for work that day, or we part with an okay reference. (I quit, emailed the district manager, and never heard from that restaurant again after 10/20 servers walked out).

    From A Facebook user:

    No job is more important than family. I can't believe how shady businesses can be without shutting down.

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    Having To Deliver Food In Blizzard Conditions

    From a Facebook user:

    I worked for Papa John's when I was in my 20s. It was New Year's Eve and it had snowed really bad. The roads were nothing but ice. After delivering a pizza, my car slid into a ditch and landed on the passenger side. I was laying on the passenger side window. This was before cell phones were big, so I finally talked an elderly lady into letting me use her phone. They sent someone to get me, but as soon as I walked in, my manager yelled at me for not having my hat on. It was still in my car.

    From a Facebook user:

    Why would they have you still deliver? A few years ago we had a really bad winter and no where was delivering bc they didn't wanna put their drivers at risk.

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    Not Being Promoted After Three Years And Having To Train A Less Experienced Hired Instead

    From a Facebook user:

    Used to work at Panda Express for at least 3 years total. They refused to promote me to cook even though I would come in as cook for 2 days out of the week, I also did money management in the systems, ordered the food, everything the manager was supposed to do I did. Here comes a new worker with no experience in cooking or working front, and a week later they promote her as assistant manager when requirements are knowing how to manage the front and back, cook, do everything the manager does as well. And they asked me to teach her all that. I told them why I didn't get promoted instead and was told I wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility I laughed and walked out laughing.

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    Being Made To Stay An Extra Six Hours On Their First Day As A Test

    From a Facebook user:

    I worked for a moving company. It was my first day, and I was just getting used to the physical kind of work back then when I was younger (around 16). I started at 6am and around 5pm, everyone else got to go home, but I had to stay cause the owner of the company wanted to “test me” and really put me to work. I kept saying I was too tired and needed a break because it was about 95 degrees out that day, so basically he never let me get a break and I ended up throwing up from overworking myself. Long story short, I worked till 11pm and when he said see you tomorrow at 6am again I said nope.

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    Their Boss Went Through Their Desk And Had Someone Give Tattoos In The Back Office

    From a Facebook user:

    I worked at a local DMV. Well I wasn't getting along with the assistant manager. She would always be in the office playing on her phone, go makeup shopping on company time, willing to start fights with customers, she had "trophies" (complaints from people) in a special folder in her drawer. One day, while I was at lunch, she got into my drawer (I didn't know, later a co-worker told me) that evening I was $100 short. I had worked the previous year doing taxes and ran the tax office! And was at the DMV a year until this issue. I have never lost money! I asked the manager to watch the cameras and she told me no! I quit that night after closing for the evening. There were only 7 staff members when I worked there, we went through 5 employees. After I left, they lost 3 more, and are hiring now for 2 positions. They can't keep workers because of the assistant manager! They even had a guy come in late one night after closing time and give them tattoos in the back office! Of course they moved the cameras so you couldn't see anything. They told my co-worker all about it and showed off their new tattoos.

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    Being Rejected For A Week Off After Working There For Five Years

    From a Facebook user:

    Worked in a factory for 5 years doing 50-60 hour weeks for low pay. Hardly took sick days like maybe 1 a year and most years had 1 week off. Always worked Christmas and public holidays. Got told to take annual leave because I had like 300 hours so put in for a week and it got approved, so I organized to do stuff then the week before I was going to have my leave got told I couldn't because the boss wanted to move house and needed that week off. So I quit and they had to pay all my annual leave out. Number of other things were happening that I won't go into, but that pushed me over the line. I now only work 20-25 hours a week to earn the same amount in a job I enjoy.