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Ranking All Kyle Mooney's Characters On SNL And YouTube

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When it comes to the best Kyle Mooney characters, fans can find them on both Saturday Night Live and his own YouTube channel. Mooney gained a few tricks as a performer and writer for Upright Citizens Brigade, and his work with sketch group Good Neighbor brought him together with future SNL writing partner Beck Bennett. Saturday Night Live hired Mooney in 2013, eventually moving him into larger roles on the show, a blessing for anyone familiar with his comedy. Kyle Mooney SNL characters all share small yet distinct quirks that he projects onto dudes who typically fail to grasp how awkward they really are.

A welcome appearance in both live sketches and SNL's digital short series, Kyle Mooney impersonations on the show include Rand Paul and Pope Francis but, to be honest, Mooney shines most in personas he's made himself. Additional Kyle Mooney funny characters can also be found in his previous work online, many of which he brought to SNL with him. Some of the best Kyle Mooney impressions and characters are featured below, ready to blow your mind with their questionable expertise on sports, women, and THC.

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    Chris Fitzpatrick

    Video: YouTube

    If all the reality TV characters who appeared on MTV or VH-1 spliced their DNA to form a baby, that baby would grow up to be Chris Fitzpatrick. Somebody, either a producer with terrible taste or a friend with a terrific sense of humor, decided to document this teenager's life, often intercut with random car explosions and parkour-lite stunts. Drowning in oversized clothes, full of himself, and angry with the world, Fitzpatrick portrays himself as a tough-as-nails nihilist, at least until he gets a phone call from his mom.

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      Kyle Mooney

      Video: YouTube

      One of Kyle Mooney's most well rounded characters is actually himself. Whether challenging Kanye West to a rap battle, skateboarding indoors with Chris Hemsworth, or maintaining a relationship with Leslie Jones, Mooney reveals one of his biggest inspirations is himself; compared to his blundering characters, his own, often misguided, confidence offers a refreshing change of pace.

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        420 Weed Guy

        Video: YouTube

        The character affectionately known as 420 Weed Guy exudes qualities that are part suburban dad, part stoner, and all Kyle Mooney. Living in a nice house with two kids, he's not a regular dad, he's a cool dad who always wants to smoke "some bomb a**, dank a**." 

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          Video: YouTube

          Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett often join forces to create impeccable parodies of the reality television genre, and Reality House stands out as one of their best. Brian (Mooney) and Chase (Bennett) come into dramatic conflict with their other roommate (Chris Hemsworth) about the quintessential #firstworldproblems, such as making dinner versus ordering out. Spoiler alert: they make it quite compelling.

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