Ranking Every Joker in the Comics

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We’re ranking every Joker in the DC comics universe. Along with all Joker incarnations that appeared in the comic books, this list also includes alternate versions as well as superheroes who became Joker. Who is your favorite Joker?

Everyone knows the original Joker (or do we?), but do you know the British Joker or the French Joker? Several heroes have turned into the Joker, like Dick Grayson and Martha Wayne. Other comic book characters who were the Joker include Jeremiah Arkham, Lex Luthor, and Bruce Wayne. 

Vote for the best Joker in comics. This ranking of every Joker displays pictures of the characters in costume and their comic book appearances. Curious about who played Joker? Rank the best Joker actors in Batman movies and TV shows.


  • Joker
    Photo: DC Comics
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    • Martha Wayne
      Photo: DC Comics
      152 VOTES
      • Jeremiah Arkham
        Photo: DC Comics
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        • Jack Napier
          Photo: DC Comics
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          Jack Napier