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Only comic book characters who have worn the Spider-Man suit and went by the name Spider-Man

Webheads unite! It's time to rank every Spider-Man in the Marvel comics universe. Along with all Spider-Man incarnations who appeared in the Spider-Verse storyline, this list also includes alternate versions as well as villains who became Spidey during some time in the comic books. We also did not include the best Spider-Women or Spider-Girls (except for one who took his place temporarily.) Who is your favorite Spider-Man?

Everyone knows the original web-slinger Peter Parker, but do you know the Indian Spider-Man or the Japanese Spider-Man? Several enemies have worn the suit and used the Spider-Man alias, like Kraven, Mac Gargan, and Doctor Octopus. Other comic book characters who were Spider-Man include Miles Morales, Miguel O'Hara, and Bruce Banner. 

Vote for the best Spider-Men in comics. This ranking of every Spider-Man displays pictures of the characters in costume and their comic book appearances. 


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    Spider-Man is a fictional superhero created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko. He first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the Silver Age of Comic Books. He appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as in a number of movies, television shows, and video game adaptations set in the Marvel Universe. In the stories, Spider-Man is the alias of Peter Parker, an orphan raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City after his parents Richard and Mary Parker were killed in a plane crash.
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  • Miles Morales
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  • Miguel O'Hara
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    Miguel O'Hara

    Spider-Man 2099 is a fictional superhero created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi in 1992 for Marvel Comics' Marvel 2099 comic book line. His secret alter ego is Miguel O'Hara, a brilliant geneticist living in New York in the year 2099 A.D. who is attempting to recreate the abilities of the original Spider-Man in other people and later suffers a related accident that causes half his DNA to be re-written with a spider's genetic code. O'Hara is the first Latino character to assume the identity of Spider-Man.
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  • Ben Reilly
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    Benjamin 'Ben' Reilly, also known as the Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, and Spider-Carnage, is a fictional comic book superhero appearing in publications by Marvel Comics. He is a clone and ally of Peter Parker, and is prominent in the "Clone Saga" story arc. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 149.
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  • Dr. Otto Octavius
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    Doctor Octopus, real name Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius and also known as Doc Ock, Doc Octopus and the Superior Spider-Man, is a fictional character, a supervillain that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. A highly intelligent mad scientist, Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man's greatest foes. He is typically portrayed as a stocky, myopic man who utilizes four powerful, mechanical appendages, and is obsessed with proving his own genius and destroying Spider-Man. In his first several appearances, his last name was spelled "Octavious" while all stories since have spelled it "Octavius". The character has appeared in numerous Spider-Man cartoons and video games and is portrayed by ...more
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  • Hobie Brown
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    The Prowler is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comics published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and John Buscema, Prowler made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #78. While several other characters have also taken up the character's identity, the first version developed a high-tech battle suit in order to start a life of crime until Spider-Man convinces him to turn his life around.
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