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Ranking Every Wolverine in the Comics

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Hey, bub, we’re ranking every Wolverine in the Marvel comics universe. Along with all Wolverine incarnations that appeared in the comic books, this list also includes alternate versions as well as villains who became Wolverine. Who is your favorite Wolverine?

Everyone knows the original Wolverine Logan, but did you know that superheroes, like Deadpool and Spider-Man, have worn Wolverine's costume? Several enemies have worn the suit and used the Wolverine alias, like Daken, Rancor, and Gorgon. Other comic book characters who were Wolverine include X-23, Spider-Woman, and Jubilee. 

Vote for the best Wolverine in comics. This ranking of every Wolverine displays pictures of the characters in costume and their comic book appearances. 

  • James "Logan" Howlett
    Photo: Marvel Comics
    Logan is a fictional character from the X-Men series. He is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor, and three retractable claws in each hand. Wolverine has been depicted variously as a member of the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and the Avengers....  more
    • As Seen In: Marvel Comics Presents, The New Avengers
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  • Laura Kinney
    Photo: Marvel Comics
    X-23 is a fictional character, a superheroine appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics, most commonly in association with the X-Men. She was originally created by Craig Kyle for the X-Men: Evolution animated series before debuting in the NYX comic series in 2004. Since then she has notably had two six-issue miniseries written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, regular runs in New X-Men, X-Force, Avengers Academy, and her own self-titled twenty-one issue comic series written by Marjorie Liu. X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine. Like Wolverine, X-23 has a regenerative healing factor, superhuman strength, senses, speed, agility, and reflexes. She also has retractable...  more
    • As Seen In: All-New Wolverine
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  • Peter Parker
    Photo: Marvel Comics
    Spider-Man is a fictional superhero created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko. He first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the Silver Age of Comic Books. He appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as in a number of movies, television shows, and video game adaptations set in the Marvel Universe. In the stories, Spider-Man is the alias of Peter Parker, an orphan raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City after his parents Richard and Mary Parker were killed in a plane crash....  more
    • As Seen In: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
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  • Gwendolyne Stacy
    Photo: Marvel Comics
    Gwendolyn Maxine "Gwen" Stacy is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually as a supporting character in those featuring Spider-Man. A college student, Gwen was originally the first true love of Peter Parker before she was murdered by his nemesis Norman Osborn. Spider-Man writers and fans alike often debate whether Peter's "one true love" is Gwen Stacy, or his subsequent love interest, Mary Jane Watson, though stories written long after her death indicate that Gwen still holds a special place in his heart. The character has been portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard in the 2007 film Spider-Man 3 and by Emma Stone as Peter Parker's friend and...  more
    • As Seen In: All-New Wolverine
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