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Season 7
Season 7 is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list Ranking Supernatural's Seasons
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So yeah, Season 7 is my least favorite season, but there are still good episodes in there. But for every good episode there is in this season it's up 1 bad episode. To give you an example of how inconsistent the season is the best episode of the season, "Death's Door", was then followed up by it's worst, "Adventures In Babysitting". I find that my favorite episodes tend to be the ones that don't involve the leviathans, and that's probably because the leviathans aren't very good villains and the main villain; Dick Roman. Might just be the only thing in Supernatural that's unintentionally funny. But for all my complaints there actually are good things in the season, it definitely started out good, "Meet the New Boss" and "Hello, Cruel World" are both great episodes. Overall, even though there are some great episodes and a few interesting sub-plots, Season 7's hit or miss episode catalog combined with it's lackluster story and laughably over-the-top guest performances, make season 7 hands down my least favorite season

Best Parts: Sam's visions of Lucifer and his struggle to maintain his sanity, Cas becoming a god(even if it was short), Bobby's Death, Bobby becoming a vengeful spirit, the political satire of Dick Roman's corporate scheme, the discovery of god's word,the introduction of Kevin, Eliot Ness, and the introduction of Garth.

Worst Parts: Basically everything else, if you want me to be more specific; Dick Roman, the leviathans, the Dick Roman infomercial in "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters", the copycat fugitive story in "Slash Fiction", Dean's depression, “Adventures in Babysitting", and the unexciting anticlimactic finale.

Final Score: 5/10

Season 6
Season 6 is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Ranking Supernatural's Seasons
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If you were to judge Season 6 based solely on the episodes it would probably rank pretty high. But that's not the problem with this season. No, the problem with this season is the story. I feel there are three main things that ruin the story of this season: 1)The Soulless Sam story arc was great and in my opinion one of the best parts of the season, but after they dropped it, they really had no where to go with it leading into my second problem... 2) The Campbells story is such wasted potential. The idea of bringing back Samuel and having him betray Sam and Dean could've been a great motivator for the season but instead he's forgotten for a majority of the season and then dies in the next episode he appears in. Both of these lead to my final and most important problem... 3) There's way too much happening, but so little focus. It's like this season has no main story but rather a bunch of side stories all smooshed up into one clustered mess. But now let's talk about the good things this season has to offer, cause there is a bit worth talking. Well there's the first half. It builds a great mystery and pays off pretty well, each episode shows us a bit of what's happening with Sam and I myself was truly intrigued in what was happening with him. There's also humor in fact this is probably the funniest season of them all. (at least in terms of how many comedic episodes there are) And on top of that there's a ton of great episodes. Episodes like; "The French Mistake", "The Man Who Would Be King", "Appointment In Samarra", These are all great episodes, in fact I can't think of an episode this season I would call bad. Episode-wise; They're are a ton of fun episodes, as well as dramatic ones. Story-wise; It is seriously lacking and is way to clustered. Overall Season 6 is all right. It's not a great season or a particularly bad one, it is however an immeasurable step down from the first five season. Which makes sense considering it's the first season to come from the Post-Kripke half of the show. If Season 7 suffers from too little, Season 6 suffers from too much, and it's an easy choice to have near the bottom of this list.

Best Parts: The First Half, Jared Padelecki's performance as soulless Sam, the reappearance of Samuel (even if it wasn't used to the full extent), Castiel's struggle with trying to do the right thing, an exploration into Bobby's character, the relationship between Dean and Death, Crowley's pursue of purgatory, a deeper look into what the monster's life is like, an introduction to purgatory, and "The French Mistake".

Worst Parts: The lack of a main story, the clusterf*ck of a story, Eve's monster invasion, the lost potential of Samuel, under developing key story lines, and the way the revolutionary war in heaven is underplayed.

Final Score: 7/10

Season 9
Season 9 is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Ranking Supernatural's Seasons
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After season 8’s finale anything could’ve felt boring, so season 9 had a lot to live up to. There are many great episodes in the season and it more than makes up for the episodes that aren’t. Point being the good outweighs the bad. However the reason it ranks this low is cause the season is definitely not without it’s flaws, my biggest one being the boring dialouge and interactions between Sam and Dean. It got really old really fast. Also the Castiel human story isn’t that interesting but thankfully it’s resolved quickly and underplayed. In fact the season suffers from a lot of the same problems as season 6; the solid first half but completely all over the place second half, the episodes are great but the story is very flawed, and the story that really doesn't know where it wants to go. But still, he season has many great episodes to offer and it builds up to a great season finale and one of the greatest cliffhangers of the series. Overall l think it's a very good season with many great episodes even if the story is a bit disjointed during the second half. Oh yeah and it has the best title screen ever.

Best Parts: Solid first half, Kevin’s death, The relationship between Dean and Cain, Crowley, Phenomenal cliffhanger, Dean's Death, there are many great episodes including the game-changing finale.

Worst Parts: Sam not being able to trust Dean, Castiel being human, The boring dialouge and interactions from The Winchesters, the story is all over the place during second half, and the back-door pilot to the failed spin-off "Bloodlines" was just the worst.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Season 8
Season 8 is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Ranking Supernatural's Seasons
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Of all the seasons to come after Season 5 Season 8 comes the closest to capturing the power of the first 5 seasons, one of the reasons for that is other than Season 5, this was the only other season to have a sense of finality to it, in fact if they wanted to they could've ended it with this season. Admittedly the first half of the season has some problems, which I'll discuss later. But the second half of the season, the trials part, kicks ass. It's epic, action-packed,dramatic, and full of funny episodes. And the stakes actually feel high without having to resort to killing off a character, which is hard to pull off in a show which is basically 8 seasons of characters dying and coming back to life so don't worry. And another thing I love about this season is the introduction to the Men of Letters which leads into something that brings the whole Winchester family tree full circle. The season restored my faith in the show and made up for season 7 by a mile. This season used to rank in my top 3 in fact and i haven't disliked anymore than when I first saw I just happen to like these next 5 even more, I guess that just goes to show how good these top 5 are. Of course it doesn't take a genuis to figure out which seasons rank in the top 5.

Best Parts: Benny, the stakes genuinely feel high, the trials part of the season is great, Garth and Kevin become better characters than they were in season 7, it brings the Winchester family full circle and explains how hunting the supernatural is in Sam and Dean's blood, the introduction of the Men of Letters, the bunker is awesome, Cas has a nice sub-story, Crowley makes for a great villain, and the finale is one of the best episodes in the series. 

Worst Parts:  Sam's flashback's with Amelia are not nearly as interesting as the purgatory flashbacks, the first half of the season makes out Sam to be kind of a dick, Sams overall relationship with Amelia is very melodramatic, (mostly because Amelia herself is a very unlikable character) and a few episodes that I don't like keep this from being a 10.

Final Score: 9.5/10