Ranking the Best Seasons of 'The Ranch'

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All the seasons of The Ranch have been great, but which seasons really stand out? This list features the best seasons of The Ranch, listed from best to worst. Fans may debate which season of The Ranch is the best, but each installment of the Netflix comedy series features memorable episodes, each season split into two halves of ten episodes. All but the final season of The Ranch split their parts across spring and late fall or winter. Some The Ranch seasons focus on the struggle of running a ranch and other good seasons explore Beau's relationship with his sons.

This list of The Ranch seasons has been voted on by fans from all over the world, helping to decide once and for all which collection of episodes starring Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott are the best. Season one introduced viewers to The Bennett family business while later seasons deal more with Colt and Abby's relationship. The first part of the final, fourth season aired on September 13, 2019, bringing our time with the Iron River Ranch to its end.

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  •  The Ranch - Season 2
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    The Ranch - Season 2

    Part 3, the first half second season of The Ranch premiered on June 16, 2017. The second half, part 4, aired December 15, 2017. This season still focuses on life on the ranch with Colt, Rooster, and Beau.

    This season contains several memorable episodes including: "My Next Thirty Years," "Take Me Away from Here," and "If Tomorrow Never Comes."

    Memorable moments from Season 2 include:

    • Colt tells Abby about his growing family.
    • Abby gives Colt another chance.
    • Abby moves in with Colt and Beau.
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  • The Ranch - Season 1
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    33 VOTES

    The Ranch - Season 1

    The first season of The Ranch premiered with part 1 on April 1, 2016, and part 2 on October 16, 2016. This season introduces the audience to the lives of the Bennett family.

    This season contains several memorable episodes including: "Back Where I Come From," "American Kids," and "Down the Road."

    Memorable moments from Season 1 include:

    • Colt decides to stay at the ranch.
    • Beau gives Colt his championship ring.
    • Heather makes an announcement.
    33 votes
  • The Ranch - Season 3
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    The Ranch - Season 3

    The third season of The Ranch premiered with part 5 on June 15, 2018, followed by part 6 on December 7, 2018. This season continues to focus on the health of the ranch and the men who run it.

    This season contains several memorable episodes including: "Starting Over Again," "Change," and "We Can't Love Like This Anymore."

    Memorable moments from Season 3 include:

    • Garrison is evacuated due to fires.
    • Rooster goes missing.
    • Abby has a baby.
    20 votes
  • The Ranch - Season 4
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    The Ranch - Season 4

    Part 7, the first half of the fourth and final season of The Ranch premiered on September 13, 2019. The second half of the fourth season, part 8, aired January 24, 2020. This season finds Mary struggling with addiction as Colt and Abby reach new relationship agreements.

    This season contains several memorable episodes including: "Dying to See Her," "Not Everything's About You" and "Fadeaway."

    Memorable moments from the first part of Season 4 include:

    • Beau and Joanne take their relationship to the next level.
    • Colt signs divorce papers.
    • Colt and the guys celebrate their last Thanksgiving on the ranch with a turkey hunt.
    24 votes