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Ranking The Most Powerful Jutsu In Naruto

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Anime is able to showcase otherworldly, spectacular powers we rarely see in live-action shows or films (at least, not done well). Naruto excels when it comes to demonstrating inventive and astounding abilities that never overburden the story or characters.

Naruto's best anime superpowers are unbelievably epic and help to visually distinguish the show from other popular shonen programs. Each power is unique to a specific ninja, and some jutsu separate the truly exceptional fighters from the rest of the pack. 

The jutsu in Naruto are split into three distinct categories: ninjustu (abilities seen and felt in the real world), genjutsu (fabricated abilities that don't actually exist in the physical world), and taijutsu (fighting techniques/martial arts). Generally, ninja naturally excel in one of these three categories and strive to develop the other abilities along the way. 

Vote up the jutsu you'd love to have in your arsenal; vote down the ones that would just get in your way.

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