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Vote up the Warriors you'd most want to get you home from the Bronx.

All right now, for all you boppers out there in the big city, all you lovers of the 1979 cult classic The Warriors with an eye for the action, let’s get down to it. Here’s a list with you in mind. If you’ve got to make it all the way back to the big CI in one night, which members of that real live bunch from Coney do you choose to have your back? 

Remember, boppers, look out not just for how well your crew handles themselves in a rumble, but for how likely they are to get you home in one piece. Be looking good, Warriors, all the way back to Coney. Real good.

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    Role: Warchief, acting Warlord

    Strengths: Tactics, resilience, loyalty

    Weaknesses: Keeping control, not in it for the long haul

    After Cleon’s demise, Swan steps up to take control of the gang, though not without some pushback from Ajax. He shows an awareness of the situation that his predecessor lacked, knowing when to run and how to even the odds. His ability to improvise tactics on the fly is seen in the running battle with the Baseball Furies and using bathroom stalls to even the odds against the Punks. 

    In a fight, he shows proficiency with a bat and makes the most of the environment around him. He's pretty good at avoiding hits but can certainly take a beating, too. Against the Punks, he absorbs a fair bit of damage but presses on. In the final showdown with Luther, he somehow prevails despite bringing a knife to a gunfight. 

    His strengths are many, but while he manages to get most of his crew back to Coney, it's evident he doesn't yet command the respect Cleon did and, by the end of it all, he seems to have grown tired of the gang life:

    This is what we fought all night to get back to? Maybe I’ll just take off.

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    Role: Music man

    Strength: Brawling, loyalty, keeping focus

    Weaknesses: At risk of straining his back from carrying the gang

    Snow is one of the quieter members of the crew, but he does most of his talking with his fists. In the deleted alternate opening scene, he's given the job of music man, but he's very obviously the heavy muscle along with Ajax and Cochise. 

    He more than holds his own against the Furies and, unlike the other members of the team, doesn't show extremely questionable judgment with the opposite sex. When Ajax makes an incredibly foolish choice in the park, Snow tried to talk him out of it: "There are plenty of women back home." He's all about getting back in one piece and looking out for his crew. He's the one who suggests going back for Ajax, albeit a moment too late.

    In the battle with the Punks, only Cochise comes close to dishing out the same amount of damage Snow deals. He personally lays out six Punks in the bathroom brawl, breaking his bat on one and kicking another through a stall door. If you want someone who'll have your back in a fight and won't make stupid choices on the way home, Snow's your man.


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    Role: Heavy muscle

    Strengths: Improvisational fighting, reach

    Weaknesses: Lapses of judgment 

    The youngest member of the crew (David Harris was just 19 at the time), Cochise brings the flair in his over-the-top costume and penchant for improvising in combat. He might not always make the best choices, but he's got the skills to get him out of trouble.

    We see him make use of just about everything within his impressive reach to get the job done. He uses a chair to get out of a jam with the Lizzies and introduces a Punk's face to the wall of a subway bathroom. When it comes to finding creative ways to eliminate opponents, Cochise has got magic - whole lot o' magic. 

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    Role: Heavy muscle

    Strengths: Brawling, loyalty, courage

    Weaknesses: Zero impulse control, insubordination

    A thrillseeker with a death wish, Ajax’s considerable fighting prowess is tempered by a complete absence of self-preservation. He’s shown to be contemptuous of authority, though Cleon seems to have his grudging respect. He barely accepts Swan’s command, only backing down on the insistence of the others but continually questions his decisions. 

    He always appears to stay behind a second too long, once to flip off the Turnbull AC's, another time to kick a cop down some stairs. In the chase with the Baseball Furies, he stands with Cowboy and faces down the leader alone. For all his flaws, he steps up when it truly matters.

    His character’s high point is immediately followed by his unceremonious but incredibly fitting end. A slave to his impulses, the only wonder is that he lasted as long as he did. 

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    Role: Warlord 

    Strengths: Reach, agility, charisma, leadership

    Weaknesses: Stubbornness, terrible luck

    The Warlord doesn’t get much time to shine in the movie as he’s framed for the killing of Cyrus by the Rogues and then wasted by the Riffs. From what little we do get to see, it’s evident he has the respect of the gang, even Ajax seems to listen to his orders without question. He appears to have big plans for the Warriors and that ambition is his undoing. He waves off the (justified) concerns about the meeting, and after Cyrus is shot, hangs around way too long in the aftermath. 

    He takes on the Rogues alone and handles them well enough before the Riffs step in and elbow him out of the film. A real-life scheduling conflict may have contributed to his swift on-screen demise, but Cleon made the most of the time he was on screen. 


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    Role: Bearer

    Strength: Taking a beating

    Weakness: Questionable judgment

    According to the alternate opening scene, Vermin is the one who's carrying the subway tokens and cash, though the Warriors don't seem to have much use for either in the movie. One of the more solidly built members of the crew, Vermin relies more on grappling and dirty boxing than the flashier moves shown by the others. Arguably, his strongest attribute is his ability to take punishment and keep moving forward.

    Despite chiding Ajax's one-track mind in the opening sequence, he shows the same lack of common sense when he, Cochise, and Rembrandt run into the Lizzies. Only the laughably poor aim of the girls prevented the wayward trio from joining Cleon and Fox in the morgue.