The Biggest Rap Beefs Of 2020

Here are the biggest new rap beefs of 2020.

Who doesn't love a good rap beef? As long as the genre's been around, rap beefs and fights have been as enthralling a part of hip hop culture as the bars themselves. Whether they take the form of raging Twitter fingers or epic diss tracks, hip hop beefs in 2020 are prevalent among rappers at all levels of success. From Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's latest rap beef, to underground hip hop beefs, these epic feuds will undoubtedly make you want to break out the popcorn.

  • French Montana vs. Young Thug

    French Montana vs. Young Thug
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    This beef includes everything from having more hits than Kendrick Lamar to social media drama. 

    The list of back-and-forth between these two rappers is a long one (trust us, we've read all of the drama), so we're going to do our best to condense this beef. For the record, all of these posted reactions come courtesy of DJ Akademiks, so we have to thank him for all of this. all started when Montana claimed on Instagram that he had "more hits than Kendrick Lamar." If this is true or not is open to debate, but as far as this beef is concern, this is what opened the can of worms. 

    Apparently, Young Thug took offense to this claim and responded to French (both posts has since been taken down), however, French didn't like the way Thug came at him, and took to Instagram again to post a pic of Thug wearing a dress (technically it's a crop and skirt, but who's taking notes?), and Thug responded by saying that French blocked him from social media and claiming that it wasn't him in the pic. Then Thug got Meek Mill involved to ask him to post a video of French getting knocked out, then more-back-and-forth, and French threatening to "expose" Thug and, you get the picture by now. 

    This beef is petty and hot and doesn't seem like it's going to cool down any time soon. Click here to read the full gauntlet of the beef. 

  • Ma$e vs. Diddy

    Ma$e vs. Diddy
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    Back in the mid-90s, Mase and Diddy were on top of the rap world. Today, they're feuding over publishing rights. 

    In an Instagram post, Mase blasted Diddy over his speech at last year's Grammy Awards, particularly the part where Diddy said that he wanted artists to take back control of their work and that he's now or the artist. Well, Mase has something to say about that, criticizing Diddy over his past business practices and how he still has his publishing rights from 24 years and only giving Mase $20,000 for his work. 

    Well, Mase wants his publishing rights back, and he also claimed in the Instagram post that he offered Diddy two million to by the rights to his music. Well, Mase claimed that Diddy insisted that he match a European who was offering him more than what Mase was putting up, and he felt pretty insluted. It remains to be seen if Diddy answered back, but what we know so far is the relationship between Diddy and his former partner-in-crime has soured, at least on Mase's end. 

  • Tee Grizzley vs. Royce

    Tee Grizzley vs. Royce
    Video: YouTube

    This beef is a one-sided affair -- at the moment. 

    During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Royce said that he asked Eminem -- one of the greatest rappers of all-time -- to hold off on a video that would feature both Grizzly and Royce. Grizzly was perplexed by the decision, to say the least, turning to social media to air our his opinion on Royce allegedly asking Eminem to delay the feature, which he took as a dis to the legend. Some Reddit users have wrote that Royce didn't dis Eminem, but it seems as if the damage has already been done and the beef is firmly in the oven. 


  • Stormzy vs. Wiley

    Stormzy vs. Wiley
    Video: YouTube

    Who ever said rap beefs had to be confined to America? 

    Across the pond in Great Britian, two of England's biggest rap artists, Stormzy and Wiley, are having a battle that is growing so epic, that the O2 Arena may be the perfect battleground to see who really is the king of rap in the UK. Unlike modern-day rap beefs, this rivalry actually began on the radio, with Stormzy tweeting that he would battle Wiley on "any station he wanted" and would bury him for all the UK audience to hear. 

    After appearing to not wanting a radio confrontation with Stormzy, the latter took to Twitter again to post how Wiley was "begging" after taking so much smack to him. This was when Wiley appeared to have enough, firing back in a session of tweets saying things like how Stormzy was only talking the talk because he was out of the country, and how he was "coming back to London" and wanting to battle Stormzy at the O2 Arena or the Eddie Hearn, and asked who would want to organize it. 

    This is getting real, so stay tuned.