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The Best Rap Songs About Education

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Education is an important key, and even plenty of rap songs will tell you that. It's true: some of the best rap songs out touch upon education and school—as surprising as that may be for some. Take Kanye West's first album, for instance. Titled The College Dropout, the album features numerous songs about school. Of course, just because these hip-hop songs talk education doesn't mean they support it. In Kanye's case, he saw more opportunities outside of school (looks like he made the right choice). Nevertheless, he's spittin' rhymes about education—and that's what this list is all about. 

So, for all the naysayers out there, rap isn't just about money, cars, and big houses. The top rappers old and new fill their verses with passionate lyrics—and a plethora of great tracks talk about school and the rapper's take on it. So, what are the best songs about education? Take a lesson in hip-hop and check out the list below. 

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