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The Most Epic Rap Songs About Friendship

April 9, 2020 278 votes 15 voters50 items

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What are the best rap songs about friendship? Rap has a ton of songs about posturing and making it seem like you're the toughest guy around. However, sometimes you need to let everyone know how much you care about your best friends. We're celebrating those songs in this list, and you may just find some truly touching songs about good friendships even from the hardest rappers in the game. 

Of course, it wouldn't be hip hop if it were all fun and games. From tales of loss, to hardcore gangsta rap stories and the betrayal of friendship, many of the best rap songs on the topic delve into its darker side. In "I Ain't Mad at Cha, for instance, Tupac details about how several of his friendships turned south. The legendary rapper also ponders about how his friends perceive him now, making it a truly emotional and open track from the king of rap. Then you have the likes of D12 rapping about the personal issues they have with other members of the group on "How Come." 

Whether they're rapping about their best friends or people they used to be close with but fell apart from, every kind of friendship is covered on this list. Vote up the best rap songs about friendship below, and if we're missing any from your personal top 10, be sure to add them to the list.

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