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The Best Rap Songs About Growing Up

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Rap lyrics often tell stories about the performer's life, whether they're autobiographical or embellished for the sake of telling a good story. Hip hop songs about growing up and becoming an adult are common in the genre, and for this list, it's up to you to vote up the very best rap songs about growing up. How many good growing up rap songs can you think of off the top of your head? Below you'll find popular songs that you've definitely heard before, but also some more underground rap songs with descriptions of growing up in the title or lyrics.

This list of rap songs about growing up talk about experiencing struggles during childhood, dealing with family problems, and falling in love for the first time. Danny Brown has a track called "Grow Up," while J. Cole recalls his first time with a girl in "Wet Dreamz." Up-and-coming star Chance the Rapper, meanwhile, sets out to capture the fleeting feeling of childhood in "Nostalgia."

You can add your own music to this list, so feel free to contribute with any new rap songs about growing up that aren't already on the poll.