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The Best Rap Songs About Jail And Prison

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With so many hip-hop artists coming from rough pasts, it's really no surprise that some of the best rap songs are about jail and prison. In fact, artists like Tupac and Gucci Mane, among many others, have even written music (including prison songs) while serving time. Behind bars or not, however, some of hip-hop's biggest hits are those about being incarcerated, getting out, and never going back. So what is it that makes these rap songs about jail such hits?

Whether you're talking Snoop Dogg's "Murder Was the Case" or Nas's "One Love," prison is the subject of many a great rap song, and these kind of tracks are still being produced today. In short, prison is a scary place - no matter who you are - and these rappers tell the tales of what it's like on the inside. 

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