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The Best Rap Songs About Poverty

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Some of the best rap songs to date are about poverty, hard-upbringings, and most importantly, the struggle of it all. While some slanderers of hip-hop frown upon the genre for its constant talk of money, women, and even pimpin', true fans know there's much more to rap. The truth is, many of rap's biggest names come from poverty—being brought up on the streets and struggling to break the norm of such rough neighborhoods. Considering this, it's no wonder the first thing they want to do as a rapper is talk about the money they do have. Nevertheless, plenty of artists have created telling tracks of their impoverished pasts.

Of course, not all of the best rap songs about poverty are autobiographical. There's a range of songs and artists seeking to empower and motivate the poor with their music. Songs about poverty may be hard to come by, but those that do exist were written and recorded with pure passion, which is exactly what it takes to break free from these debilitating conditions. And, as mentioned, many of these artists have been there. From Rick Ross to Kanye West, a great deal of rappers have truly overcome the struggle and strive to tell the tale with their music. 

Take a look at the list of best rap songs about poverty below and cast your vote for the ones who tackle being poor the best. You can always add your favorites to the list as well.