The Best Rap Songs About Respect

While respect is a common and even necessary notion within rap, there aren't many rap songs about respect in general. In other words, you have to be respected in the industry to truly make it as a hip-hop artist, but respect is hardly spoken about within lyrics. Whether it be about respecting women, being generally respectful, or anything else in that regard, rappers just don't care to spread that kind of wisdom. No offense intended, but we all know what's usually on even the best rap lyricists' minds—and it's typically not respect. That's just the way of the game.

Nevertheless, plenty of rap songs do indeed speak of respect, in whatever form that may be. Notorious B.I.G.'s "Respect" is the easiest example, but not all rap songs about respect are going to be so clear. It's the underlying theme of respect. That could be talking about friendships, women, loving your mother, and so on. 

Know respect when you see it? Check out this list of the rap songs about respect and vote for the songs you think are best. You can also add any songs you don't see on the list. Just remember, be respectful.

Photo: Shamsuddin Muhammad / Wikimedia Commons
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