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Rap's Greatest Posse Cuts

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Rap is typically a very dog-eat-dog musical genre. Whether it's on wax, in the streets, and, recently, over such internet outlets as, rappers are prone to clash with one another. When hip-hop's brightest stars are on the same page, however, hit music ensues. When three or more MCs come together, it indicates some form of unity within the genre. These days, deejays (particularly, one who goes by the name of Khaled) have made hip-hop fantasy dream teams come to life. On this list, we true hip-hop fans rank and debate the greatest hip-hop posse cuts of all time, featuring hip-hop's most lyrical heavyweights from all different walks of life. Some of these jams are familiar and resonates with the younger generation of fans, while others are forgotten gems, but are otherwise noteworthy collaborations that made a mark on the genre. Please vote for the sake of unity, or lack there of, in rap and hip-hop.
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    Swagga Like Us- TI and Jay-Z ft. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne

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    The hook was sampled from MIA's "Paper Planes", but T.I. used it for a smash on his platinum 2008 LP Paper Trail. Jay-Z was on board, as the two squared off against Kanye West and Lil' Wayne. The icing on the cake was a show-stopping Grammy performance featuring a very, VERY pregnant MIA.
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    Self Destruction- KRS-One, D-Nice, Ms. Melodie, Delite, Daddy-O, Wise, Frukwan, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D & Public Enemy

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    The first hip-hop posse cut in history featured the best MC's from the East Coast as an attempt to put the growing gang violence in New York to rest. It was an admirable attempt, however, as the '90s came in, the West Coast gang perspective grew wider, and the demand for gangster rap heavier. Still, it was a catchy song to sing along to and many still try to enforce the message.
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    I'm On One- DJ Khaled ft. Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake

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    Another jewel in Khaled's crown, "I'm On One" became the anthem of the 2011 club scene, thanks in part to Drake's opening verse. Drizzy set the bar high, but Rozay and Weezy had memorable lines, too.
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    All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross & Snoop Dogg)

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    Khaled's first smash mainstream hit came with fiery hook from T-Pain. And who better to talk about winning than successful rappers like Luda and Snoop?
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