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The Rappers with the Dirtiest Rhymes

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List RulesOnly rappers who have used inappropriate words in their lyrics and rapped about vulgar topics.

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The rappers with the dirtiest rhymes are renowned for spitting some of the most inappropriate, pornographic and dirty lyrics in all of rap. These rappers are no stranger to parental advisory warnings on their albums and censorship to make their songs clean enough to air on the radio. Simply put, these dirty rappers would make even the boldest person blush.

While most rappers tend to push the envelope with risque lyrics, nasty profanity and sexual themes, a select few perfected the practice so much that the genre of dirty rap evolved. 2 Live Crew was one of the first to release highly controversial sexual music back in the 1986s. Despite a great deal of backlash from conservative critics and angry parents who hated the vulgar language, the group continued to pave the way and the genre of dirty rap was born.

Many have used 2 Live Crew for inspiration with extremely dirty lyrics including many of the best rappers of the '90s and best rappers of the '00s. The likes of Too Short, Afroman, Three 6 Mafia, D4L and many others have released singles and complete albums with filthy lyrics.

Nothing is really off limits for these rappers but to keep the mainstream appeal, many have found creative ways to express themselves and keep the censors happy at the same time. 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" and "Magic Stick" appear nearly innocent on the surface but think about it a bit more and the lyrics turn X-rated real fast.

Dirty rap, or porn rap as it's also called, is only a small percentage of rap music but certainly makes its mark on anyone who listens to it. It's not for everyone, but if you can stand the coarseness of the lyrics, these rappers are some of the best in terms of dirty lyrics. Parental advisory indeed.

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