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The Complete List of Rappers Who've Been in Prison

Updated January 22, 2020 3.9m views70 items

List RulesFederal or state prisons, or a local lockup after an arrest. List is alphabetical.

Have your favorite rap artists ever been incarcerated? This list of all the rappers ever arrested and sent to prison in the history of rap music has the answer. So, which rappers went to jail?  Are there famous rappers in jail now? Rap stars in jail are common throughout music history and this is a running list of imprisoned rappers in the music industry. From 2 Chainz to R Kelly, these hip hop artists who've been sent to prison for their drama-filled lives. Most were convicted on drug charges, but others committed much more serious crimes, including murder and grand theft. Let's hope we don't have to keep adding to this jailed rappers list at quite this pace going forward!

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  • 2 Chainz Was arrested after an eight-hour standoff with police in Oklahoma City for obstruction of justice after local authorities pulled his tour bus over for a busted tail light.

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      In November 2018, controversial rapper 6ix9ine was arrested and jailed on racketeering charges with a trial date set for September 2019. Given the option to strike a plea deal with prosecutors, the Brooklyn rapper decided not to take it as he pleaded not guilty.

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      • Akon was sentenced for theft as a youngster.

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          Charged with 21 counts of child p*********y and illegally engaging in sexual acts with a minor.

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