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The Best Rappers Named After Foods

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List RulesRapper name must have something to do with food/edible substances

Here are the best rappers with foods in their names. The following hip hop artists are all famous rappers whose names have some kind of animal affiliation, similar to the best bands named after foods. For instance: Eminem, which is short for M&M (Marshall Mathers), also works as the chocolate candy. FYI- Ice Cube was a bit of a reach, but it's an acceptable struggle food when placed between two breads.

This votable list of rapper names with food in them is your chance to choose the best food related artist or rapper. Do you enjoy Casey Veggies with your steak or do you prefer Black Eyed Peas instead? Care for some Lil Debbie or Vanilla Ice for dessert? Whether you're a fan of a good rapper with a funny food name or just a fan of food names and weird rappers, this list of famous rappers with food names also includes rappers named after drinks.

This rapper names list exists solely to highlight food rappers, but if you're curious to see where some of the best weird rapper names came from, check out the greatest rapper name origin stories. Also, make sure to brush up your hip hop knowledge with the real names of rappers.

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