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Rappers with Rumored Links to the Crips

Updated May 1, 2020 321.6k views13 items

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Famous rappers and hip hop artists who are Crips often openly associate with the gang, mentioning it in their lyrics and during interviews. Some famous Crips rappers were officially initiated into the gang while other famous rappers are merely affiliated with the group for various reasons. A few famous Crips rappers have been shot.

Who will you find on this rappers who are Crips list? Snoop Dogg has been associated with Crips gang in Long Beach for many years and Eazy-E was once a drug dealer with the Kelly Park Compton Crips. 40 Clocc is reportedly associated with the Colton City Crips. Other famous rappers who are Crips include Nate Dogg, Warren G, and Young Jeezy.

Are you surprised that so many rappers are Crips? Take a look at this list to find out. 

  • Snoop Dogg has mentioned his associations with the Crips gang in Long Beach on some of his tracks.

    However, some leaders have criticized him for not doing enough to help local youth and feel he has disrespected the community. 


    • Age: 48
    • Birthplace: Long Beach, California, United States of America

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  • Eazy-E is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Rappers with Rumored Links to the Crips
    Photo: Edward Reyes / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

    Before becoming a member of NWA, Eazy-E was a drug dealer associated with the Kelly Park Compton Crips.



    • Age: Dec. at 32 (1963-1995)
    • Birthplace: Compton, California, United States of America

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  • Coolio is reportedly associated with the Mona Park Compton Crips and has also been linked to the Poccet Hood Compton Crips.



    • Age: 57
    • Birthplace: Compton, California, USA

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  • Young Jeezy has been associated with the Crips.



    • Age: 43
    • Birthplace: Columbia, South Carolina, United States of America

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