The Best Rappers That Don't Swear, Ranked

Rappers who don't swear really should be in a class of their own. While some hip-hop artists have made songs or even full albums without cursing in the lyrics, it's quite hard to come by. But in regard to the best rappers that don't swear at all, those are far and few between. In fact, most of the best rappers of all time use profanity quite frequently.

Nevertheless, plenty of rap fans hardly notice whether or not the rappers swear that often, and others won't even pay any mind to the "cleaner" artists. However, there are plenty of people out there who like the family-friendly stuff, and there are plenty of rappers who are respected for making such material.

Though they may be rare, rappers with clean lyrics deserve a lot of respect. Not just for making their music friendly for all ages and walks of life, but for creating great verses in a genre that's so defined by its use of swearing. This list of rappers that don't cuss go to all the kids out there, the families blaring hip-hop in the minivan, and anyone who just prefers ol' fashioned, clean language. 

Take a look at list of clean rappers below and vote up the artists you think make the most of their music without the "dirty" language. 

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