15 Rappers Who Have Killed People

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Famous hip-hop artists who have been found guilty of murder.

Are these rappers guilty of homicide? B*tch, they might be. Several famous rappers and hip-hop stars have been convicted of murder. Some of these musicians got off on lesser charges, while others are spending the rest of their lives behind bars. One famous rapper even turned himself in after a case went cold.

Who is the most famous rapper who has taken a life? Gucci Mane tops our list. In 2005, Gucci Mane and his entourage were attacked by a group of men. He and his friends fired at the men, and one of the attackers perished. Gucci Mane was charged with the man's demise, though he has always said that his actions were in self-defense. The charges were eventually dropped.

In 2010, G. Dep confessed to a cold case slaying that he committed in 1993. He was convicted and sentenced to 15 years to life behind bars. In 2003, Big Lurch was given a life sentence for his role in the 2002 slaying of Tynisha Ysais.

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