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Rappers Who Have Beards

Rappers are known for their sense of style and many famous rap stars are usually seen sporting facial hair. Bearded Rappers come in many forms. Some famous rappers who have beards like long facial hair while other rappers with beards keep them short and pair them with mustaches. A few famous rappers who have beards are rarely photographed without facial hair.

Who will you find on this rappers who have beards list? Rick Ross sets the gold standard when it comes to rappers with beards. Method Man is perpetually clad with well-groomed facial hair and Flo Rida keeps his beard short and neatly trimmed.  In 2015, rapper and cookbook author, Action Bronson, shared his tips for keeping your beard clean while eating a variety of messy foods. Other famous rappers with beards include Black Thought, Joe Budden, and Guilty Simpson.

Which rapper do you think has the best beard? Take a look at this list and find out.