Rappers with the Best Ad Libs, Ranked

Rappers have been using ad libs since the birth of the hip-hop genre, and modern-day rap has really come to use them quite regularly—and frequently. In a genre where freestyling verses gains serious respect, it's no wonder ad libs have become such a mainstay in rap as well. Just take a look at the new SoundCloud rappers. Songs from young rap artists like Lil Pump are essentially all ad libs (esketit!)—with actual lines almost scattered throughout.

All that aside, however, the ad lib is a great thing in rap. Some of the best rappers use them, and they're most often attached to their name. Simply put, each artist has their own unique ad lib. And when you hear it, you know they're about to come in and drop lines on the track. Typically unrehearsed, those rappers with the best ad libs really know how (and when) to use them. So, who's got the best ad libs out there? Rick Ross, Kanye, and 2 Chainz all have good ones, but you can help decide.

Check out the list of rappers with killer ad libs below and vote up your favorites. You can also add any rappers that didn't make the list. 

Photo: Migos / Instagram
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