Rappers Who Put on the Greatest Live Shows, Ranked

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Sounding good on stage is one thing, but putting on the greatest live show is another—and there's quite a few rappers who offer the best of both worlds. While there's always room for debate, as well as biased opinions, we can all agree some hip hop artists know how to put on a show. Without much room for argument, Kanye West has long been considered one of the greatest rap performers of his time, with Kendrick Lamar high up on that list as well. However, in a world where new and young rappers pop up every day and really make a name for themselves, there's plenty other rappers with good live shows.

You don't want only a good show, though; you want to hear the rappers with the best live shows out—including artists both old and new. From established artists to the famed SoundCloud rappers, some rappers just have "it". So, who are the best rappers to see live? Some might say Travis Scott, while others are quick to argue that. Well, now you all have the opportunity to cast your vote for the best live performing rappers—right here, right now. 

Check out the list of rappers below and vote up the ones you think deserve the top spots for best concerts, whether they know how to hype up a crowd, sound great on stage, or even better, do both. See someone missing? Feel free to add them to the list. 

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