20 Rappers With The Most Kids

Which rappers have the most kids? Hip-hop fans are used to rappers incorporating details about their personal lives into lyrics, oftentimes hinting at having many children. Plenty of big names in the rap game, ranging from major stars to lesser known artists, have had a larger than average number of children. If you're curious about rapper kids and their famous parents, you've come to the right place. 

Plenty of rappers who have kids are open about their family life. Flavor Flav, for example, sometimes posts about his kids on social media and Ice Cube often attends public events with his children. Some rappers with lots of kids, however, prefer to keep their private lives private, often refraining from disclosing much detail about their family life. While DMX has 15 children with nine women, the names of most of his kids and their mothers are unknown. If you're wondering how these stars have so many kids, a lot of rappers began having kids at a surprisingly young age. Eazy-E, for example, had nine children with at least six women before his death at 32. Fetty Wap had seven kids with six women by the age of 27. 

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