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Photos Of Albert Einstein That Show The Guy Behind The Genius

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Most people know cursory facts about famed physicist Albert Einstein, such as his theory of relativity and trademark mustache. To get a better understanding of the man behind the mind and 'stache, photographs of Albert Einstein provide a look into the life of one of the 21st century's most renowned scientists. Albert Einstein in photos comes across like any other normal guy, pretty composed except for the wild hairstyle. However, a hint of Einstein's eccentricities manages to poke through, adding a bit of humor to a man whose chosen profession was nothing if not serious. 

Even as a young man, Einstein sported his instantly recognizable facial hair, a trait that no doubt stemmed from his terrible hygiene. But his weird habits never stopped him from getting married, moving to the United States, or winning the Nobel Prize – giving slobs, eccentrics, and nerds everywhere hope for their futures. Honestly, if Instagram existed in the 20th century, photos of Einstein would likely just be selfies with his tongue sticking out; in other words, quality content.