Rare And Beautiful Animals That Aren't Their Normal Color

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Nature surprises us in many ways, and even her most common features and lifeforms deserve to be marveled. But these photos of rare and beautiful animals that aren't their normal color will take your sense of wonder to a new level. Everyone knows what colors dolphins and crocodiles usually come in, but have you ever seen an entirely white crocodile or pink dolphin?

These stunning animal photos might teach you something new - for instance, many animals can be afflicted by some of the same skin conditions as humans. They take on striking, uncharacteristic coats ranging from multi-colored patterns to solid shades, demonstrating the animal kingdom's wealth of remarkable-looking creatures. This list is like an animal rainbow, albeit a rainbow you've not seen before. So take a work break, come on down to the watering hole, and see which animals are rocking some new trends.