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Game of Thrones Gifts for the Fan Who Has It All

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Game of Thrones fans are some of the most dedicated TV watchers in the history of fantasy entertainment. Not only do they have to wait a whole year just to watch a ten episode season where their favorite characters are always in danger of being bludgeoned to death, but they sometimes have to wait nearly a decade to receive a new book from the series’ creator George R. R. Martin. So it makes sense that you should give some fantastic Game of Thrones gifts to the poor GOT fans in your life. The High Septon knows they’ve been waiting long enough for something good. Prepare yourself, Game of Thrones gift ideas are coming.

To give a truly great Game of Thrones gift you should know what the fan in your life is into. Which house do they prefer? Do they properly know how to take care of a dragon’s egg? The Game of Thrones gifts on this list cover every type of fan, from someone who just wants to wear sweatpants and binge watch, to the replica sword collector who's gone full Renaissance fair.

The best thing about the Game of Thrones gifts that we’ve collected for you is that they’re affordable (except for that sword), and they all help you show off your love of the show. Vote up the coolest Game of Thrones gifts for the fan who has it all, and then leave us a comment about what you’d like to receive during Christmas in Westeros.
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