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Historical Photos Most People Have Probably Never Seen Before

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There is a lot of content and context left out of our history textbooks. They are often filled with blocks of academic text and the occasional weird photo, but seldom do we see some of history's rarest photos. 

Even if you consider yourself a history buff, there are still lots of historical photos you've probably never seen before. Like colorized photos from history, these old pictures gathered by the folks of Reddit can give you a different perspective on the annals of the past. 

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    Niagara Falls Frozen Solid, 1848

    Photo: /u/lindagibsonn1213 / Reddit
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    A Marine Hand-Feeding A Kitten During The Korean War, 1952

    Photo: /u/trismegisto97 / Reddit
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    The New Jersey Hindenburg Disaster, May 6, 1937

    Photo: /u/babaner1 / Reddit
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    Edward Llewellen After Catching The World Record Black Sea Bass, August 26, 1903

    Photo: /u/exhaggerated_imagine / Reddit
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