Rare, Weird, Or Super-Expensive Lego Sets You'll Probably Never Play With

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Not counting some bizarre missteps such as the Scala, Fabuland, and Jack Stone offshoots, Lego has had a consistently excellent track record of delivering awesome, long-lasting building sets since 1949. But let's face it: some of them are so rare, expensive, or just flat-out weird that you're never going to play with them, let alone collect them. Some really rare Lego sets, in fact, sell for more than 500% of their original retail price of just a decade ago. They're basically plastic gold.

This list features Lego sets that are prohibitively expensive, insanely rare, or repulsively engineered. They're the sets that live in the fringes of the Lego universe - the inbred cousins and snooty step-siblings of the mainstream Lego we all know and love. 

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