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Rare Photos Of Princess Diana

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Princess Diana was a beloved member of the British royal family, known for her humanitarianism and her elegant sense of style. She tragically died in 1997, but her legacy continues to live on, especially through the early pictures of Princess Diana that show her as a fashionista, a mom, and a daughter.

Born Diana Spencer, Princess Di became a member of the royal family after she married Charles, the Prince of Wales. Her life wasn't always easy - after she married Charles their marriage was marred by infidelity and rumors. When they divorced, it became a scandal across the country. Despite this, she carried on as a role model to her two young sons William and Harry and became internationally known for her charity work. She was killed during a car chase with paparazzi in France on August 31, 1997. The world mourned the loss of the beautiful and kind Princess Diana. 

These old photos of Princess Diana show just how exceptional she was. She will be forever missed. 

  • Diana As A Toddler

    Diana As A Toddler
    Photo: Hulton Deutsch/Getty
    • Aleady A Style Icon

      Aleady A Style Icon
      Photo: Hulton Deutsch/Getty
      • A Shy Girl

        A Shy Girl
        Photo: Hulton Deutsch/Getty
        • Growing Into Her Own

          Growing Into Her Own
          Photo: Hulton Deutsch/Getty