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Rare And Bizarre Spiders That Will Capture Your Imagination And Haunt Your Dreams

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It's estimated that at least four percent of the world's population has arachnophobia, which is a pretty high percentage considering how few of the little guys are actually dangerous. But there are some rare yet cool-looking spiders around who are here to try to help quell your arachnid fears. While they may not totally eradicate your distrust of the eight-legged creatures, you may see something in them that is a little more compelling than something you may want to smoosh with a rolled up magazine. 

Spiders are crucial to the ecosystem and have probably been around in some form, longer than humans have, by millions of years. As humans has evolved, they have too — they live all around us, in every nook and cranny the world has to offer. That's not meant to scare you — they generally like to be left alone to do their thing and are a bit of natural pest deterrent. In a world without them, for example, we wouldn't have much in the way of agriculture, as they eliminate the prey that affects crops. 

Spiders play a part in daily lives in ways you probably rarely think about. So put down that shoe, give 'em a break and take a look — you may just fall in love with these seldom seen, unique arachnids. Some come to dance, others come with a smile, and all are an equally fascinating part of the place we call home. Vote up the most bizarre yet fascinating spiders!