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15 SNES Games That Are Worth An Insane Amount Now

The NES concluded its life cycle as the 16-bit era began, and for Nintendo, that transition took the form of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES for short. The system blasted onto the scene, and while it had some serious competition with the SEGA Genesis and TurboGrafx 16, nothing slowed it down. The system dominated the market (mainly due to the simple fact that it had an amazing library of games). Some of those games are hard to find today, and an even smaller amount of rare SNES games are extremely collectible and valuable.

These days, there are certain SNES games that are so hard to find that they can sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Random eBay auctions routinely pop up with versions of games that were either never opened or are incredibly hard to find, and collectors are often chomping at the bit to outbid one another in a mad dash to finish their collection. Though not all classic SNES games are worth a ton of cash, these ones stand as the rarest, most sought after, and most valuable SNES games ever produced. Note that the games listed here don't include factory-graded editions (which typically bring in more money). Instead, we've listed games that tend to sell for ridiculous prices either complete, unopened, or sometimes both.

Check out how much these rare Super Nintendo games are worth today, and try not to kick yourself for trading all your old games for store credit at GameStop back in the day.

  • Average price: $1,142 complete | up to $6,600 new

    The first sequel to Pocky & Rocky managed to score big points with critics when it arrived on the SNES in 1994, but despite being a fun and well-designed title, not many were produced and sold. That makes for a rare collectible people tend to pay big bucks for. A loose copy of the game is worth around $375 while a complete copy can net between $600 and $1,100 on eBay, depending on its condition.

    If a new, sealed copy ever turns up somewhere, that's where the big money is, though this is extremely hard to find. A new copy of Pocky & Rocky 2 can fetch as much as $6,600, so if you received one of these on your birthday in 1994 and forgot to open it, you may want to dig through your attack or basement and find it -- it's worth an insane amount of cash.

    • Release: 1994
    • Developer: Natsume Co., Ltd
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  • Photo: tyler-maddo / eBay

    Average price: $1,050 complete | $1,594 new

    Earthbound is one of those SNES games every kid wanted when it came out, and those kids still want it now that they are adults. The game can sell for as much as $275 loose, which is a pretty high amount for a game that wasn't short on sales back when it first came out for the system.

    Collectors are typically looking for a complete copy, which can bring in around $1,200, like one sold in late-May 2020 on eBay. New, unopened copies of Earthbound are almost never found in online auctions, but when they do show up, they tend to bring in only slightly more money, with some sales reaching around $1,600.

    • Release: 1994
    • Developer: Ape, Inc., HAL Laboratory
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    Donkey Kong Country Competition

    Average price: $2,480 loose | $3,750 complete | $5,900 new

    When it comes to finding valuable games for a Nintendo system, the most sought after are the ones created for competitions. The Nintendo World Championship cart for the NES is a well-known collector's item, and the SNES has its own, though it's admittedly less valuable. Blockbuster Video sold an exclusive copy of Donkey Kong Country for the Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II.

    This copy is the rarest licensed SNES cart due to the fact that only 2,500 were produced, making it hard to find and expensive when it is. These don't come up often, but when they do, they are worth as much as $5,900 on eBay for the game and the case. A loose cart is worth around $2,500, which is a lot for a cart sans box.

    • Release: 1994
    • Developer: Rare
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  • Photo: dan690000 / eBay

    Average price: $1,500 complete | $4,050 new

    Aero Fighters didn't originate on the SNES, but like most games of the era, it was ported to the system. Unfortunately, the port wasn't especially well made, and as a result, it wasn't widely sold or produced, making it fairly rare. Loose copies have been sold on eBay for around $700, while a complete copy can sell for as much as $1,500.

    Finding that rare gem that is a complete, unopened copy of Aero Fighters is the far rarer find on eBay, but when they do show up on the site, they tend to go for big bucks. The average selling price for such an item is often around $4,000 or higher, depending on the condition.

    • Release: 1992
    • Developer: Video System
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