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If You've Spent $2,999 On A Tamagotchi, We're Concerned About You

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Long before every kid had a cell phone in their pocket, the world was introduced to a slightly less technological timesuck: The Tamagotchi. These little electronic pets were ubiquitous throughout the '90s, as were the funeral services every child held when their beloved computerized pet passed away. As it happens, the toys from our childhood are worth some big bucks these days, and there are some rare Tamagotchis that are worth a lot of money.

Tamagotchis aren't the only toys worth a pretty penny. Some '90s toys that are worth a fortune include Pokémon cards that sell for thousands of dollars and rare, mint-condition Happy Meal toys that easily sell for a hundred bucks a pop. You might have one or two of these Tamagotchis that sold for a lot of money lying around somewhere. Time to start digging through those dusty boxes in your childhood closet. 

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