Weird History

This Man Stumbled Upon Directions To The US Government's Ultra-Secret Nuclear Holocaust Bunkers

The reality of nuclear combat's devastation was clear as soon as the first atomic weapons were dropped during World War II, leading the U.S. government to develop a "doomsday plan"out of perceived necessity. In the Cold War era, the threat of impending nuclear warfare – and the fear it caused in the American citizenship – escalated even further. Politicians played on this fear, and the government began planning for a potential attack. Testing bombs on mock cities in the Nevada desert – constructed to assess potential damage – was only part of the doomsday strategy. The U.S. also secretly dug giant bunkers into mountains, allegedly to protect the American way of life. 

Only through a fluke was one of these hollowed-out mountains, the Raven Rock complex, discovered by journalist Gerrett Graff. His investigation into the elaborate compound yielded some surprising finds.