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Who is the wisest and wittiest Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter franchise? There may be differences between the Harry Potter book series and the films, but what the Sorting Hat looks for when sorting a student into Ravenclaw doesn't change. Known to be creative, curious and fiercely individual, Ravenclaws are known for their academic fervor, showing the same sort of laser-focus of the eagle on their blue and silver (blue and bronze in the books) coat of arms.

Which of these Hogwarts students did the Sorting Hat best choose to guess the riddles to enter the Ravenclaw Tower? Luna Lovegood, who never let social norms get in the way of her vivid curiosity, is top of the list. The wandmaker Garrick Ollivander's is another Ravenclaw who exemplifies the house traits of wisdom and creativity.

The memorable performances that brought the books' characters to life populated the Ravenclaw House with some of the most interesting people in the Harry Potter films. Even though they all represent Ravenclaw, which one does it best?