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Hilarious Robert Downey Jr. Interviews That Prove His Sarcasm Can't Be Beat

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Robert Downey Jr. certainly needs no introduction - he is Iron Man after all. The prolific actor has been a Hollywood staple for decades and like a fine wine, he keeps getting better with age. The natural charisma of his performances always captivates audiences - and off-screen is no different. Whenever he is being interviewed his sharply honed wit and sarcasm are hard to ignore and impossible not to enjoy. These are the most hilarious Robert Downey Jr. interviews we could find. 

  • 1. We Love You Anyway

    Photo: Jessica Clodfelter / Pinterest
    Classic RDJ?
  • 2. Cool, Thanks

    Photo: Me.me
    Classic RDJ?
  • 3. The Way It Should Be

    Photo: Cierra Jade / Pinterest
    Classic RDJ?
  • 4. I Can't Confirm Or Deny

    Photo: Bailee Hull/Imgur / Pinterest
    Classic RDJ?