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18 Of The Funniest Reaction Memes To The Xbox Series X Announcement

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On December 12, 2019, Microsoft made a surprise announcement unveiling the name and the design of the next Xbox console. Microsoft called the system the "fastest, most powerful console ever," and will match the holiday release of the PlayStation 5. Gamespot reported that the Xbox Series X will be at least twice as powerful as the Xbox One X, and will join Microsoft's lengthy slate of upcoming hardware releases, which include the dual-screen Surface Neo, the foldable Surface Duo phone, and the Surface Earbuds, which will rival Apple's AirPods.

In spite of the hype for the Xbox Series X's increased processing power, many Reddit and Twitter users voiced concerns about the console's design, citing its bulkiness and comparing it to a refrigerator. People have also pointed to the new device's name, which is about as bulky as the console itself. Not only that, but it also abbreviates to the Xbox Se:X, which may not come as a surprise to many considering the much-memed moniker for the Xbox One, XBone. Whether the memes for the Xbox Series X foretell its success or its failure is up for debate, and only time will tell.

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    Actually Looks Pretty Good As A Fridge

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    They Grow Up So Fast

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    2019 Was A Weird Year

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    Battle For The Ages

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