The Best Reactions To Bernie Sanders's 2020 Presidential Run Announcement  

Maggie Clancy
February 19, 2019 3.6k votes 529 voters 8.3k views 18 items

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On February 19, 2019, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced he is running for president in 2020. Sanders has entered a crowded race, as there are over a dozen 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who are also vying for the position. 

While the announcement was far from a surprise, people's reactions to Sanders's presidential bid were strong. Some folks have been "feeling the Bern" since the 2016 election cycle and are ready to give the Vermont senator another shot. Some feel that by entering the race, he is splitting votes that could lead to President Trump's reelection. Others are pleased with his run, hopeful that this will secure President Trump a second term. 

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He Has Always Fought For What's Right, And We Need Him In Office


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His First Campaign Already Changed So Much - Imagine What He Can Do In Office


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He Really Is 'By The People, For The People'


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His Age Doesn't Matter


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