Total Nerd Early Reactions To 'Deadpool 2' Suggest It Far Surpasses Its Predecessor  

Mick Jacobs
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As AliensThe Dark Knight, and Troll 2 have proven, sometimes the sequel truly surpasses the original. Early reactions indicate that Deadpool 2 may be in the same class, with fans hailing the film as one of the greatest sequels ever. Calling it more hilarious and violent than its predecessor, Deadpool 2 early reactions suggest the movie will be an early summer blockbuster, one to make comic book movie fans feel better after the tragic end in Infinity War. Based on the way Deadpool was marketed, expect to see plenty more Merc with a Mouth cosplayers at your next convention.

People who have caught Deadpool 2 early praised the film's over-the-top tone and new cast members, including classic X-Men characters Domino and Cable. Josh Brolin's performance as Cable in particular seems to be a hit with viewers. So get yourself caught up on Deadpool Easter Eggs and start getting excited for Deadpool 2.

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