The Best Twitter Reactions To The Horrific Animatronic Trump At Disney World  

Mick Jacobs
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From the White House to Camp David to Air Force One, the US presidency comes with all sorts of perks, one of them being your inclusion into Disney World's Hall of Presidents. This means Donald Trump also gets included in the hall, and people have some questions about Donald Trump's statue in the Hall of Presidents. For one thing, why does the statue of Donald Trump in the Hall of Presidents look Hillary Clinton? No wait, from another angle Donald Trump looks like Jon Voight! Maybe both? Either way, this animatronic Donald Trump disturbs the eye the way unhinged Donald Trump supporters disturb the peace, not the least bit because of the dark stories surrounding Trump.

The fact that Donald Trump's Hall of Presidents statue resembles an atrophied Norma from Orange is the New Black was not lost on the internet. Tweets about Donald Trump's Hall of Presidents statue poke fun at the fact the robot looks nothing like Trump, yet manages to reflect his personality pretty accurately. With a saggy face and tiny hands, Donald Trump in the Hall of Presidents looks poised to become Disney World's scariest thrill ride.

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