Total Nerd The New "Infinity War" Trailer Has Fans Divided, And The Internet's Reactions Are Hilarious  

Mick Jacobs
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Arriving with more fanfare than Galactus rolling up to a condemned planet with the Silver Surfer, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer shook any and all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Until Infinity War officially drops, Avengers: Infinity War reactions will have to be enough entertainment. Thankfully, reactions to the Avengers: Infinity War trailer perfectly capture your feelings about seeing all your favorite MCU characters in one place. Thanos finally appears, Thor's missing an eye, and Hawkeye is (unfortunately) MIA. But as exciting as Infinity War sounds, fan reactions to Infinity War also acknowledge the possibility many MCU characters will probably die

Avengers: Infinity War tweets remind you why a fandom is just as much a part of the universe as the comics themselves. Having dropped this at a time when everyone's still reeling from Thor: Ragnarok and eagerly anticipating Black Panther, Marvel looks like they're having fun keeping the fans foaming at the mouth. All's fair in love and war, except for making the fans wait this long!

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What Powers?


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Take A Breather


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A Marvelous Day


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Justice Is Served


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