Celebs And Fans React To Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video, And Their Posts Don't Hold Back

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When YouTuber Logan Paul posted a video of himself in Japan's suicide forest, the rest of the world learned what everyone in Northeast Ohio already knows about many Westlake natives. They're usually garbage. Paul's content featured a man who appears to have killed himself; the entire clip is incredibly distasteful.

Angry tweets about Logan Paul's video have erupted and they're quite harsh. Now no longer known simply as the weird blond guy doing splits in the subway, this vlogger finds himself among the top echelons of YouTube's worst users. Even celebrities are slamming him. Clearly, Paul failed to understand the serious impact of suicide; it's an issue that affects every world citizen.

Because most people do, in fact, comprehend the severity of suicide, many responses to his initial post are informative and incensed. Some even call for a YouTube ban on all of Logan Paul's videos. They don't believe he deserves a platform to influence pop culture. The only person to win in this fiasco is Jake Paul, who now no longer holds the title for worst Paul brother.

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    Sansa Hopes Paul Never Has To Experience Such Tragedy


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    This Doctor Suggests That Paul Needs A Mentor


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    This Activist Wants Paul To Be Held Accountable


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    He Doesn't Think Fans Should Stan For Terrible People


    A post shared by Tyler Posey (@tylerposey58) on


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    She Thinks Paul Is An Idiot


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    He Doesn't Understand How Paul Is Trending


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