27 Reactions to 'The Many Saints Of Newark,' The Prequel Movie That's Divided 'Sopranos' Fans

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The long-awaited Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark finally premiered in theaters and on HBO Max, and fans of the original show have lots of opinions. The film is packed with  references to the show, filling the audience in on the lore behind the DiMeo crime family and Tony Soprano's upbringing while also introducing brand-new characters and storylines. While some fans loved the movie and see it as an excellent addition to the Sopranos canon, others felt it failed to live up to the standard set by David Chase's iconic series. Take a look at some of the reactions fans had to the show on Twitter (after you've seen it, of course — there are some mild SPOILERS here) and vote up the ones that resonate with you most. 

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    Okay, We Get It


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    You're Talkin' Through Your Hat


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    Vera Farmiga Understood The Assignment


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    A Moderate, Honest Take


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    Better TV Than Movie?