Real On-Set Injuries That Made The Final Cut

Sometimes what you see in movies isn't trickery - it's the real thing. Some memorable moments in movies are the result of actors who aren't really acting at all. While it's not terribly uncommon for actors to get injured on the sets of major Hollywood films - though more often, it's the stuntmen getting injured - it's quite rare for those injuries to make it into the final cuts of the movie. Rarer still, actors are occasionally killed on set or otherwise perish during production - but thankfully, the actors on this list all survived their accidents.

Some are major and some are minor, but all of these injuries really happened, and you actually get to see the blood of some of the world's most famous actors onscreen as a result. This list is a testament to the ability of some of these actors to stay in character, even after they've suffered immensely, like when Tom Cruise broke his foot and kept on running. Often, this makes for an extremely realistic and gut-wrenching scene. Someone give these actors an award!

Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License