14 Times Real-World Injuries Were Written Into Movies

"The show must go on" originated with theater, but it applies to all forms of show business. A more complete version of the saying would be, "The show must go on, or else we'll all lose a bunch of money." Especially when it comes to movies. 

Though movie productions routinely use stunt doubles, actors still have on-set accidents - even from something simple, like getting onto a horse. An actor's injury can completely derail a production. When Harrison Ford broke his leg and dislocated his ankle on the set of The Force Awakens, production was halted for two weeks.

So, if an actor does get injured, even severely, the show usually does goes on. But this creates another problem: The actor is visibly injured, which creates continuity issues. This means that movies often have to write the injury into the story. Here are some behind-the-scenes injuries that were incorporated into the plot of a movie. Some of them made sense organically; others, not so much.