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List Rules These true life stories are gruesome. Which ones would be the worst to happen to you?

Animals are cute. They're large and cuddly; sometimes they are our very best friends and they'd die for us if the need arose. Some people even believe that the most violent of animals can be domesticated and kept as pets. While certain wild animals are helpful and can be tamed, others will never be rid of their aggressive and innate behaviors. It is when humans forget this fact that they can find themselves victims.

Indeed, there are many tales of animals that go berserk and then attack whatever poor dumb humans are in their paths. Usually the victims survive to tell their tales but not everyone is lucky.

Hopefully, you will read the following recollections and head their warnings: don't go swimming in dolphin-infested waters and definitely don't bring your dog with you if there will be pitchforks lying around.

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Pitchforks And Puppies Just Don't Mix

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From Facebook user Kimberly Hernandez

"I was home alone in the country and out back feeding the cows. After I put down the grain pans, I walked over to the haystack to get a couple of flakes of hay when I stepped on a pitchfork that someone in my family just threw down instead of sticking it into a bale. I started yelling. The dogs were out with me and my dog got excited because I was screaming and she jumped on me and somehow pushed the tine further in until it lodged in my ankle joint. At that point I started screaming bloody murder! I couldn't walk because the 5-6 foot long fork was sticking out of my ankle parallel to the ground and the dogs were riled up and surrounding me putting pressure on the handle and sending me into spasms of pain.

"Finally a neighbor working in his shop, turned off his equipment and heard the screaming. He ran over to our pasture and found me. He couldn’t pull it out, couldn’t pick me up( too awkward) and by that time I couldn’t walk on my own so he went home for help. He and his wife couldn’t pull it out together. So one of them left and brought back two more male neighbors and the three men managed to pull it out. I could have killed my dog for that and she was the best dog I ever had."

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Even Doctors Don't Know The Right Way To Remove Ear-Lodged Cockroaches

From Facebook user Stephaney McQueen:

"In 2005, I was laying in bed early in the morning. My husband was getting ready for work. I felt something tickle my neck and reached up to swipe my hair away. It was a German cockroach! It took a detour directly into my ear! I screamed and jumped out of bed. I tried shaking my head sideways but that didn't help. My husband takes me to the emergency room and I had to wait for an hour with this insect scratching against my eardrum and me screaming every 10 seconds!

"Once I finally got back to a room, the Dr comes in and doesn't freaking believe me! He gets an otoscope and looks in my ear and to his amazement, there is a adult size cockroach buried in my ear! He decides to kill it, so he pours hydrogen peroxide in my ear and keep my head tilted. Until the thing died, it scratched against my eardrum and I swear I could literally hear it chirping! After 30 minutes, it was dead. The Dr decides to use counter-pressure with water. The force of the water against my eardrum made me vomit for over an hour.

"The water wasn't working at all so the Dr left to figure something else out. He comes back with some micro-tweezers. He grabs the body of the roach and begins to pull... OMG... the roach's legs were attached to my eardrum!!! It literally felt like he was ripping my eardrum out! He finally got the roach out and gave me some ear drop antibiotics and sent me home. Every night I slept in that house, I had cotton balls in my ears! Major PTSD over a friggin roach!"

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If A Rattlesnake Tries To Bite You, Pin It Down, Gut It, And Cook It For Dinner

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From Facebook user Cody Curtin

"Back in the early 2000s I got sent to boot camp in Buckhorn, Kentucky.
We got situated at the base camp and went to bed down for the first night. I crawled into my sleeping bag and started to doze off. I suddenly felt something weighing down on my leg, moving across to the other leg. I sat up and turned on my flashlight and to my absolutely petrifying horror, there was a huge brown rattlesnake curling up between my legs [for warmth].

"I gasped a few times as I couldn't seem to find my voice. I managed to squeal enough that my bunkmate heard me, sat up and saw the snake, and screamed for the camp counselors. They came in there and Scott Anderson (former Greenpeace activist arrested for raising a banner on the CITIBANK building with the earth being sawn in half to protest deforestation funded by CITIGROUP) pinned the snake's head and proceeded to kill it. They actually gutted and butchered it and we cooked it the next night and I ate its back strips. Chewy."

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Dairy Farms Are Not The Same As Petting Zoos And Children Should Be Informed Of This Accordingly

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From Facebook user Nikki Briggs-Parsons

"Kindergarten our class went to a dairy farm. I was in the back of the pack. I wanted to pet a cow. It decided to lick my hand then proceed to try and swallow my arm. Being that small of a child I froze and freaked out. My teacher noticed and then also freaked out. My arm is fine and the cow is fine but that's traumatic for a kindergartner."