People Describe Their True Life Animal Horror Stories

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These true life stories are gruesome. Which ones would be the worst to happen to you?

Animals are cute. They're large and cuddly; sometimes they are our very best friends and they'd die for us if the need arose. Some people even believe that the most violent of animals can be domesticated and kept as pets. While certain wild animals are helpful and can be tamed, others will never be rid of their aggressive and innate behaviors. It is when humans forget this fact that they can find themselves victims.

Indeed, there are many tales of animals that go berserk and then attack whatever poor dumb humans are in their paths. Usually the victims survive to tell their tales but not everyone is lucky.

Hopefully, you will read the following recollections and head their warnings: don't go swimming in dolphin-infested waters and definitely don't bring your dog with you if there will be pitchforks lying around.

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    Even Doctors Don't Know The Right Way To Remove Ear-Lodged Cockroaches

    From Facebook user Stephaney McQueen:

    "In 2005, I was laying in bed early in the morning. My husband was getting ready for work. I felt something tickle my neck and reached up to swipe my hair away. It was a German cockroach! It took a detour directly into my ear! I screamed and jumped out of bed. I tried shaking my head sideways but that didn't help. My husband takes me to the emergency room and I had to wait for an hour with this insect scratching against my eardrum and me screaming every 10 seconds!

    "Once I finally got back to a room, the Dr comes in and doesn't freaking believe me! He gets an otoscope and looks in my ear and to his amazement, there is a adult size cockroach buried in my ear! He decides to kill it, so he pours hydrogen peroxide in my ear and keep my head tilted. Until the thing died, it scratched against my eardrum and I swear I could literally hear it chirping! After 30 minutes, it was dead. The Dr decides to use counter-pressure with water. The force of the water against my eardrum made me vomit for over an hour.

    "The water wasn't working at all so the Dr left to figure something else out. He comes back with some micro-tweezers. He grabs the body of the roach and begins to pull... OMG... the roach's legs were attached to my eardrum!!! It literally felt like he was ripping my eardrum out! He finally got the roach out and gave me some ear drop antibiotics and sent me home. Every night I slept in that house, I had cotton balls in my ears! Major PTSD over a friggin roach!"

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    Pro-Tip: If There's A Possibility That You Might Be Around Rattlesnakes, Wear Polyester

    From Facebook user Gwen Braum

    "As a paramedic I worked a call for a man with a broken neck. He had fallen from a buggy in a buggy race into tall grass. I felt something sting me and looked down to see bull thistles all over the place. Thinking nothing of it, we packaged the guy up and took him to the hospital. It was hot and I kept getting dizzy and nauseated. We then had a code at a nursing home so no stopping. The whole time I wanted to pass out.

    "Finally, we were sent back to our station and I got a chance to go to the restroom. To my surprise I had fang marks. I yelled to my partner, “ I don’t want you to look at my thigh but I need you to look at my thigh.” He called dispatch to inform them I was bitten by a snake. Off to the ER we went. Dr told me it was a baby rattler and the only thing that saved me was my awful but awesome polyester work pants. He said the fangs got hung up or he would have pumped all of his venom in me. Needless to say it caused low potassium and for 6 months I had to make regular ER trips to be given potassium due to heart arrhythmia that the venom caused."

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    Pitchforks And Puppies Just Don't Mix

    Pitchforks And Puppies Just Don't Mix
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    From Facebook user Kimberly Hernandez

    "I was home alone in the country and out back feeding the cows. After I put down the grain pans, I walked over to the haystack to get a couple of flakes of hay when I stepped on a pitchfork that someone in my family just threw down instead of sticking it into a bale. I started yelling. The dogs were out with me and my dog got excited because I was screaming and she jumped on me and somehow pushed the tine further in until it lodged in my ankle joint. At that point I started screaming bloody murder! I couldn't walk because the 5-6 foot long fork was sticking out of my ankle parallel to the ground and the dogs were riled up and surrounding me putting pressure on the handle and sending me into spasms of pain.

    "Finally a neighbor working in his shop, turned off his equipment and heard the screaming. He ran over to our pasture and found me. He couldn’t pull it out, couldn’t pick me up( too awkward) and by that time I couldn’t walk on my own so he went home for help. He and his wife couldn’t pull it out together. So one of them left and brought back two more male neighbors and the three men managed to pull it out. I could have killed my dog for that and she was the best dog I ever had."

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    Bribing Primates Is Actually A Very Good Habit If You've Got To Be Around Them All The Time

    Bribing Primates Is Actually A Very Good Habit If You've Got To Be Around Them All The Time
    Photo: Tambako The Jaguar / Flickr

    From Facebook user Deb DeFabbo Shaw

    "I used to be a primate keeper where some populations are "wild" and some are caged. In some areas keepers enter the "wild" areas. I went in to feed the caged marmosets which is done by entering through the back requiring you to enter the Java Macaque compound which is 50 acres and houses around 75 animals.

    "Normally, they are not in that area at feeding times but one day the whole troupe was there. They were very used to me so most were quite relaxed.

    "I did one block house and got ready to do the other and saw three of the younger adult females on the roof making active threat gestures at me. I kept walking slowly forward while watching them when I bumped into the dominant male, Shaker. He weighed about 40 lbs. They have 6 inch fangs that can easily remove your calf... or throat.

    "He started displaying so the entire troupe started hooting and threatening. I almost wet my pants!

    "After what seemed like a year or two, Shaker's father who had been the leader for a very long time and was called Grandad because he had a mustache, came over calmly and sat right in front of my feet with his back to me, facing Shaker. Silence fell, I finished my feed and Grandad walked me out.

    "Slipping him extra treats from time to time because he was my favorite paid off. I never failed to give him a bit of extra fruit again!"