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People Describe Their True Life Animal Horror Stories

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List RulesThese true life stories are gruesome. Which ones would be the worst to happen to you?

Animals are cute. They're large and cuddly; sometimes they are our very best friends and they'd die for us if the need arose. Some people even believe that the most violent of animals can be domesticated and kept as pets. While certain wild animals are helpful and can be tamed, others will never be rid of their aggressive and innate behaviors. It is when humans forget this fact that they can find themselves victims.

Indeed, there are many tales of animals that go berserk and then attack whatever poor dumb humans are in their paths. Usually the victims survive to tell their tales but not everyone is lucky.

Hopefully, you will read the following recollections and head their warnings: don't go swimming in dolphin-infested waters and definitely don't bring your dog with you if there will be pitchforks lying around.

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